If you enjoy beautiful daily activities such as arguing with students about what
9 x 9 really is, telling little Johnney to learn his multiplication tables or move to Canada, or grading 24 of those lovely timed proficiency tests, this is not the site for you.

What the site can do for you:

This site is unique in that, if you wanted to, you could not only get your students to become proficient using timed drills found but also use the proficiency tests to actually grade students so that they can move forward in the year. The database is set up so that each student must have his or her own account and when they login, it will have a running total of drills they have taken and how well they have done. It will also notify you by email every time a student takes a drill or proficiency test with their score so that you can see exactly how well your students are doing. Since the site can keep track of specific numbers, the email will contain information about any specific areas a particular student may need to work on. This website is also classroom friendly, so even if a student is unable to practice drills and tests at home, they can visit the site in the classroom and still benefit from the drills and take proficiency tests.

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Signing up is completely free and only takes a few moments to get all of your students set up with a login and password (we assumed that you would rather set up usernames and passwords for the students yourself instead of having farthead11 sign himself up).
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