(because it's all) About us:

I hope that this site will actually make children want to learn and become proficient in understanding their multiplication tables since that seems to be one of the more painful excercises taught in school systems. By encorporating something besides pencil, paper, and a heavy dose of boredom, I made a website that will hopefully create a pleasant working environment even for unpleasant operations.

Why we think we rock:

Because there is a slight chance that (now, don't tell anyone about this or we will get sued for everything) we have made learning...Enjoyable.

A brief history of the site:

This site actually originated as a product of a senior mastery project I am doing. I got the idea from my sister, who was in fifth grade at the time when I learned about the project. I will never forget her coming home with never-ending sheets of multiplication tables at the beginning of the year and complaining about the "millionth" exercise she had done that day. I'll also never forget the nagging tournaments held between parents of who could bother her the most about getting the practice sheets done so that she would become proficient in time for the next proficiency test. However, this problem was nowhere near as bad as the infamous spelling test study "parties" were. Around Wednesday or Thursday, it was almost unbearable to stay in the house because of all of the great spelling test fiascos that were taking place. One day, however, this all changed.

It was a normal Monday night. I was preparing myself for the usual on-the-way-to-the-restaurant "Did you get your spelling words this week" conversation when my sister informed us that she had been given an additional tool to help her learn her spelling words, SpellingCity.com. At first, I was rather skeptical. After all, how could a simple website help a child learn valuable skills? But alas, it was amazing how much time my sister spent on SpellingCity.com and she actually learned her words. After she had discovered SpellingCity, her test scores were unbeatable and there might have been two more conversations about studying for them. Once witnessing this magic, I decided it was high-time some young aspiring web-designer created a website to help children learn to become proficient with multiplication painlessly. My father also happens to be a computer genius, so I assumed that if I ran into any major errors with the backing database, he could offer some advice (and it was well-used).

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